Female followers of Dionysus the Greek God of Wine (and some other fun things), the Maenads were known to partake in some wine and break into ecstatic dance as part of their rituals.

Turns out our winemaker has been following parts of the Maenad lifestyle without realizing it had roots in a distant past.


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By Brygos Painter – User:Bibi Saint-Pol, own work, 2007-02-10, Public Domain,

Yvonne Irvine


Yvonne had been following the Maenad playbook all along, without even realizing it…




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Maenad is a celebration of wine and women, unfined and unfiltered.

It was a Tuesday I think.  We are sitting at the table in our back yard on a warm spring evening, drinking something inspirational, thinking aloud about some crazy ideas for potential wines that our future and more-motivated selves would one day make.  We laugh about the reality of actually doing this.  We have no ancestral lands, we don’t have deep pockets filled with cash or even the backing of some mysterious wealthy benefactor.  But the idea lingers as the sky darkens.


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