Our Vision Our Wines



It was a Tuesday evening I think.  We are sitting at the table in our back yard on a warm spring evening, drinking something inspirational, thinking aloud about some crazy ideas for potential wines that our future and more-motivated selves would one day make.  We laugh about the reality of actually doing this.  We have no ancestral lands, we don’t have deep pockets filled with cash or even the backing of some mysterious wealthy benefactor.  But the idea lingers as the sky darkens.

We wanted to make our wines.  Wines we would seek out.  Wines we would drive long distances to track down or cross border and oceans to find.  Quirky and strange, made by passionate nuts with a zeal to produce something truly spectacular.  Wine with a real story.

Unfined, Unfiltered


We hope our wines spark a conversation.  Inspire you to seek out the extraordinary, the less than perfect gems.

We aim to create wines that push boundaries.  We aim to create a lifestyle that pushes boundaries.  

Open a bottle, or two.  Go dance among the trees.  Feel the warm earth beneath your bare feet.  

It won’t be the same every year.  The grapes will come from different places.  They’ll bring something new to the to the table and we’ll do something new that propels them.